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Welcome to our site.  We are an interactive media agency based out of Costa Mesa, Ca.  We specialize in branding, web design, animation, and video production.  Please browse around and see how we might be able to help you.

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About Us

Postmark Productions specializes in creating a compelling story about your business in documentary form. Our videos focus on the personal message that you want to share with your customers: Why was the company started?  How does your business positively impact the world?  How does the company operate?  How do you make your products?  You get the idea.  It is fascinating to us when we document the operations at new companies.  We learn so much about how a clock is made, how the owner started the business, and the process of making a water bottle just to name a few.  Your customers, new employees, or whoever your target audience is will also find this fascinating and we want to connect to them on a personal level.  We love to make a segment somewhat magical and genuine to inspire others.  This is what we represent at Postmark Productions to discover the magical workings and genuine personalities behind your company.

We shoot with all the latest in video production technology and can get the right equipment and crew to your shoot no matter where it is.  Our crew is professional, organized, and can get the job done for you on the right budget and on any timeline.  If you want a shoot in a studio, we also offer our intimate studio out for smaller shoots.  We look forward to learning more about your business.